Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wear the "high-water" pants

Same Big Ass Beer on Beale Street

Same bands in the park

Same Rum Boogie Cafe. They hung a "Billy Preston" guitar on the wall when Billy played the club. Billy protested. (He plays the organ). Club owners refused to hang an organ on the wall!!!

Driving through Oklahoma and Arkansas on I-40 (the second worst highway we have been on in 2 years ……. I-10 across southern Louisiana still has the crown) we passed every river, swollen past its banks. Flooding everywhere! We have seen stranded farm equipment in the middle of what appears to be lakes and roads which run right into the water. The recent violent weather in “America’s heartland” has truly stressed everything. One local dam, near our Friday night stop in Russellville, Arkansas, is now spilling more water that it has ever released since it was built 66 years ago. All sluices are wide open yet there is still fear that the rising water may top the dam. It has rained a lot!!!!!!!!!!!! (BTW – Russellville is in a “dry” county and ………..we’re outta gin!!!!!!! Can you dial 911 for that?)

We have slowed our eastern progress in order to stay behind “the weather”. We are experiencing bright, sunny days however, the wind is a b*#ch. But………… guess what………….we’re back in Memphis. How did that happen???? ;-) Saturday night on Beale Street……. Damn!! We are trying not to retrace our steps but……………it’s Memphis!!!! Nothing changes on Beale Street. Same bands, same food, same fun!

From here we’ll head up across Kentucky and Virginia. That’s all new.

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