Sunday, April 20, 2008


As the sun sets on our "little adventure", we remember the desert sun-sets

We even visited Brenda, Arizona - not necessarily on everyone's trip plan but, we of course LOVED it!!!!

After crossing the US border, the RV’s odometer turned 26,000 kilometers as we approached highway 401. The car’s odometer measured another 35,000 kilometers or so. The better part of 2 years and around 60,000 kilometers (not counting that little 4,500 km. drive home at Christmas). Apart from raising a great kid, this trip is best thing we have ever done!!!

We’ve learned a great deal about the US and Canada, our mutual history, people we met, and…………ourselves. We’ve had fun, seen much, and now appreciate how much more there is to see. Every village, town, city, state or region has something that is the oldest, the newest, the smallest, the largest, the best, or the most unusual. We even visited one community that boasted that it was the 7’th best place to live in the US!! We also learned that the authors of tourist brochures are masters of hyperbole. We did, however, manage to develop talents for “reading between the lines”. We have tried to be “good tourists” by trying almost anything that came along however, we met people along the way traveling to “play it safe”. Their loss.

There remain a couple of small snow piles at home where the plough pushed the snow throughout the winter, meaning we timed our return ALMOST right. Another couple of days would have been perfect. Now…………… anybody know someone who wants to buy a gently used RV? ;-)

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